Pan is an Indian after dinner treat. And the pan centre in Aurangabad city of Maharashtra is world famous for its delicious taste and variety. This pan centre is located in Osmanpura area of Aurangabad. By now many of us must have guessed the name of this pan centre. This is the world famous TARA PAN CENTER.


Tara pan centre is owned by Sharfuddin Siddiqui. He started with a small shop pan in 1968. Sharfubhai’s dream was to act in films and for the same, he went to Mumbai but he failed in that. After that he returned to Aurangabad and as per his mothers advise he started Tara Pan Center.

Sharfubhai’s mother was very fond of preparing a variety of pans and also loved eating pan. She sold her gold ornaments to provide money for tara pan centre.

Sharfuddin (Owner)

More About Tara Pan Center

  • Aurangabad, a historical city is becoming famous because of Tara Pan Center. The pan centre is also famous by the name Aurangabad ki Shaan.
  • Tara pan centre has pans pricing from Rs. 15 to 5000. Every single pan tastes awesome. They have 51 different types of pan here.
  • There are at our service from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  • They use costly contains like special kastoori (costs Rs. 70 Lakh k.g.), Saffron (costs Rs. 2 Lakh k.g.), Rose extracts (costs Rs. 80,000 k.g.), a special liquid fragrance, and a super secret ingredient.  
  • Tara pan centre has received awards from Divya Marathi, NDTV Foodtimes, Livin Foods Express and Many more.

Menu of Tara Pan Centre

1. Kohinoor Pan

Tara Pan Center in Aurangabad has introduced a “Kohinoor Pan” with aphrodisiac effects that can supposedly last up to two days. Kohinoor pan of tara pan centre is the most famous pan in the world. Its rate is Rs. 5,000. The Kohinoor Pan is only served to married couples. So if you’re looking to add an amazing flavour to your sex life, then get ready to shell out whopping Rs. 5,000.

2. Maghai Pan (Regular)

The leaves used in this pan are very thin and soft. When this pan has chewed the colour of the tongue become dark red. This pan has special ingredients in it and tastes good.

3. Tara Special Pan

A concoction of gulkand, masala, fennel seeds, cherry, cashewnut, dates, coconut powder, and other secret elements make this melt-in-the-mouth pan, which is topped with intricate silver work and is stuffed generously with crushed dry fruits. This pan is called Tara Special Pan because it is made in the traditional way. The original pan ingredients are added in this pan which keeps it simple yet tasty. From the last 50 years, people have loved this pan.

4. Chocolate Airport Pan

Chocolate Airport Pan is mostly loved by youngsters and children. Its name gives us an idea of what this pan is made of. Chocolate and gulkand are the main ingredients used in this pan. The taste of betel leaves and chocolate together makes a good combination and the pan tastes awesome.

5. Culkatta Shahi Pan

This pan is something unique because it has a special type of chatni in it. The shahi pan has its taste typically as the people of culkatta love. Due to its uniqueness, this pan is loved by people all over India and abroad.

6. Maghai Shahi Pan

7. Laddu Pan

Laddu Pan is served chilled and is the favourite pan of ladies. Laddu pan is available in many flavours like pineapple, khas, anjeer, chocolate, etc. And is also available in different colours. Made with a unique mix of dry fruits, flavour and gulkand, laddu acts like a taste changer after a heavy meal.

Very soon i am going to post the famous food and snacks spots in Aurangabad.

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