Hi guys this is Akshay Bankar feeling enthusiastic to launch my site “foodskatta.com”. This site will be really helpful to everyone who is willing to know about the famous food and snacks spots in the city there are. People travelling to places by any reason can get every single information about that place. This is the main motive of my site. I am sure that foodskatta will give you satisfaction along with joy.

Firstly I would like to start my hometown ‘Aurangabad’. I will give you full information of the famous, tastiest food & snacks centres in Aurangabad and  their history. So, Lets start…!


Guys, This is my first Blog about the famous food place in Aurangabad.

It is a small shop

Gayatri Chat Bhandar’ is a very famous and old place in Aurangabad. This is a very small snacks centre but very famous since years. You can see in photos. Aurangabadkar’s are very fond of this centre. ‘Gayatri Chat Bhandar’ is located in Rangargalli, Gulmandi, Aurangabad. This place is 2.2 k.m. from central bus stand and 4.3 k.m. from railway station. Local transportation will be available easily from bus stand, railway station.

Menu of Gayatri Chat Bhandar”

Speciallity of ‘Gayatri Chat Bhandar’ is Kachori, Samosa, Aloo Wada and Mung Bhajiya. Their chatni will add on the taste. They serve two types of chatni one is of tamarind and another of pudina. The spices used in their snacks will surely impress people. Although being a small place it is really great to visit it.

  • Kachori-  Kachori served by Gayatri Chat Bhandar is awesome in taste. It is golden and flaky. This kachori tastes brilliant with masala, a sweet and spicy tamarind chatni and pudina chatni. Once you eat kachori here you will really love it.
  •  Samosa –  The Somosa of Gayatri Chat Bhandar is golden brown, crisp, flaky and very delicious. It gives u most unforgettable taste. Once If you eat you will forever remember its taste. Really guys it is awesome snack of ‘Gayatri Chat Bhandar’.
“Aloo Wada”
Aloo wada
  • Aloo Wada- Aloo Wada it is the one of the famous and tasty snack of Gayatri Chat Bhandar. Aloo Wada is made from balls of mashed potatoes mixed with spices, dipped in a paste of besan (chickpeas flour). Once you eat Aloo wada (with tamarind chatni and pudina chatni) here you will really love it. It is most delicious.
“Mung Bhajiya”

“Mung Bhajiya”
  • Mung Bhajiya- Mung Bhajiya’s is made from Mung Daal. The mung bhajiya of Gayatri Chat Bhandar is very famous and mostly people loved it. Mung bhajiya is very crispy and different from normal bhajiya’s of india. The Mung Bhajiya’s Taste is very delicious when Gayatri Chat Bhandar serves chatni with mung bhajiya.

Whenever you visit Aurangabad and want to have some snacks ‘Gayatri Chat Bhandar’ is the best place. With great taste and less price. ‘Gayatri Chat Bhandar’ serves you your favourite snack.

“History of ‘Gayatri Chat Bhandar’-

The famous Gayatri Chat Bhandar was Started by ‘Balkishan Ganpatlal Tiwari’. He learnt how to make these food stuff in Indore, Mdhya Pradesh, India. from M.P. he came to he came to Aurangabad in 1967 and started a small Stall (Thela). Where he used to make Kachori, Samosa, Aloo Wada and Mung Bhajiya along with chatani.

     The stall was in Gulmandi the main market place in Aurangabad. People loved the taste of this chat and within no time the stall became famous from 1967 to 1972 he used to put stall in small place in gulmandi. In 1972 Blakishanji took a small shop in gulmandi itself and till now this shop known by the name ‘Gayatri Chat Bhandar’ is in the heart of every Aurangabadkar.

Dinesh Balkishan Tiwari- Owner

     Now the Owner of ‘Gayatri Chat Bhandar’  is “Dinesh Balkishan Tiwari” son of Balkishan Tiwari. According to Dinesh B. Tiwari the love of Customers & blessing of the lord Gayatri inspires them to serve such tasty, mouthwatering chat. Dinesh Balkishan Tiwari says all credit goes to my Customers and lord Gayatri.

Very soon i am going to post the famous food and snacks spots in Aurangabad.

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Published by akshay bankar, on February 2, 2019

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Shaikh Noman Ahmed · February 11, 2019 at 6:59 pm

Good information. Hoe to see such blogposts from Aurangabad City on your blog.

    akshay bankar · February 12, 2019 at 4:04 am

    Sure sir & thank u.

aditya · March 9, 2019 at 7:24 am

nice information and all photos are stunning keeps going on bro.

    Akshay Bankar · March 9, 2019 at 8:11 am

    Thank u sir..(@travellttude.com)

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