BUDDI LANE (Khau Galli)

The area famous by the name “Khaugalli” is very well known in Aurangabad. Khaugalli is nothing but a lane where you get a variety of foodstuff. This area is “Buddi Lane”. Non-Veg lovers will love this place. Street food & hotels here are very famous because of their taste & variety.

          Buddi Lane is always crowded because food lovers cannot resist themselves to eat the food prepared here.

          Especially during the holy Ramzan month, this street becomes like a new bride. Lightings all around & almost every type of dish are the highlights during this holy month. During Ramzan month Buddi lane gets crowded by people in such a way that there is no place for any vehicle.

          The delicacies prepared during Ramzan are the speciality of Buddi lane. Before entering buddi lane you are welcomed by the aroma of the eatables.

Some of the eatables you will love are

1. Bombay Bandra Faluda:

Faluda of Bombay Bandra Famous faluda is loved by every age group. Vegetarians can also enjoy this faluda. During Ramzan this faluda is the main attraction of buddi lane.


Bombay Bandra Famous Faluda is owned by “Anwar Khan”.  Anwar Khan started Bombay Bandra Famous Faluda before 17 years. And people love this street delicacy from the time it started. Bombay Bandra Famous Faluda has TWO Branches One in ‘BUDDI LANE’ (Which is open during the Ramzan) & the other in ‘SHAHAGUNJ’ (Main Branch). People from various places come to Aurangabad during Ramzan just to enjoy this delicious Faluda.

Bombay Bandra Famous Faluda has 15 to 20 different types of faluda. Dryfruit Faluda, Butterscotch Faluda, Kesar Faluda, Chocholate Faluda, Blackcurrent Faluda, Strawberry Faluda, Titanic Faluda, Faluda Icecream.

2. Naan Khaliya:

Naan Khaliya is a type of Roti. And it’s one of the locally-oriented food items. It is said that Muhammad bin Tughluq oriented Naan Khaliya during his stay in Aurangabad.

     Naan is a bread made in a tandoor, while khaliya is a mixture of mutton & beef & some spices.


When Mohammad Tughalq shifted his capital from Delhi to Daultabad, and due to this shifting a huge army came to Daultabad. The huge army of Taughalq was very exhausted after they reached daultabad. It was a difficult task to provide food for the big army. The cooks were worried because of the situation. They decided to prepare a big tandoor so that it would be possible to prepare many naans at a time. Alone with the Naan Khaliya was prepared by slowly cooking either Beef or Mutton and adding a number of local spices in it. This is how Naan Khaliya was invented. It is commonly made in Aurangabad and specially in Weddings as well as on speical occasions.

3. Chicken Roll:

The special chicken roll that you get in Buddi lane is fully loaded by chicken. Its taste is different from typical chicken rolls.

4. Manda Roti:

This roti is made of aata & maida flour. It is cooked on the convex side of a karahi. Manda roti is also known as ‘Rumali Roti’. This roti is very thin like a handkerchief.

History :

In the late Buddhist period. Mandaka, today called mande or manda or puran poli was a large paratha bread stuffed with sweetened pulse paste and baked on an inverted pot. Rumali roti is plain version.

During the Mughal period, rumali roti was used as a cloth to wipe the grease off the hands at the end of a rich meal.

5. Chicken Lollypop:

This chicken lollypop of the Buddi lane is a dish you will love. These lollypops are smaller & crispy than other chicken lollypops you will get. The rates of all food items of Buddi lane are cheaper compared to other places.

7. Kababs:

One of the favourite items of every non-veg lover is kabab. And the Kababs of Buddi lane are mouth-watering. Once you eat these kababs you will always remember its taste.

8. Shawarma:

  Shawarma is a dish made of meat. Shawarma is made of lamb or mutton mostly. Now days it is also made of chicken. It is made by making thin slices of meat and stacking in a cone like shpae. Thin slices are baked in cone shape by continously rotating it. Shawaram is one of the worlds most popular street foods.

9. Chana Boti:

Chana Boti is one of the most popular street food in the Buddi lane. It looks very tempting. It is a mixture of CHana & Boti (Mutton slices). CHana Boti’s taste is spicy & delicious.

10. Chicken Kantakky

Very soon i am going to post the famous food and snacks spots in Aurangabad.

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aditya · July 13, 2019 at 3:31 pm

well done Akshay keeps going on bro.

    Akshay Bankar · July 13, 2019 at 5:24 pm

    Thank you aditya.

Sanket gawai · July 21, 2019 at 12:08 pm

The way you describe this place is awesome and hatsoff to your research regarding different variety street foods.

    Akshay Bankar · July 21, 2019 at 12:13 pm

    Thank u so much sir.

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