Everyone knows that Indians are tea-lovers. Although there are many variations, India is essentially bound together by their love for this hot, refreshing beverage.

       “If you are cold, tea will warm you; if you are too heated, it will cool you; if you are depressed, it will cheer you; if you are excited, it will calm you.”
–William Ewart goldstone

In India, tea is more than a cup of tea. It has become an integral part of the culture and life of every Indian. Everything, from neighbourly gossips to intense political discussion happens over a cup of tea. Some people feel fresh, while some feel energetic after having a cup of tea. There are ‘Chai wala’s’ in every city of India. Sameway, in Aurangabad city you will find a famous ‘chaiwala’ known by the nameBarkat Tea House”. Aurangabadkar’s love the chai of Barkat; because the taste of barkat’s tea is different and awesome.

       Barkat’s tea is well known for its taste. In every single sip of this tea, there is a kind of magic. You will feel fresh and energetic. You feel like having it more, once you taste.

Barkat’s Chai : another reason for loving this chai is it’s quality. So, chai-lovers don’t miss this awesome chai of Barkat. Once you taste this chai you will remember its taste forever.

This photo clicked by a.curiouz.traveller – ‘vardhan ingale’

       As shown in the above picture you have to first buy the coupon and then give it to the other person who will give you this tasty cup of tea. As people love this tea, there is always rush here and you will have to wait for sometime. But surely you will not regret for waiting.


       Barkat Tea House is started in the year 2003 by ‘Yunus Qureshi’. For one day he used to get 5 Rs. for making tea in a hotel. He completed his education by paying fees from the money he used to get for working in hotels. From the age of 6 he started preparing tea in hotels and earning money. After some years his sister advised him to start a tea stall and gave him 1000 Rs. for the same. Then Yunus bought a cart on rent and started selling tea. He made profit in some years and bought his own cart at 200 Rs. According to yunus the success of Barkat is because of the blessings of ‘Alllah and the love of people.

       Barkat Tea House has been awarded by Divya Marathi Newpaper.

‘Yunus Qureshi’ Owner of Barkat Tea House

Location :Barkat Tea House, Old Roxy Cinema Compound, Paithan Gate, Aurangabad.

Very soon i am going to post the famous food and snacks spots in Aurangabad.

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